MIT Institute of Design
Sneha Jangde
Asst. Prof. Sneha Jangde
Design Management
Sneha is an Interior designer and Post Graduate in Strategic Design for Business from MIT Institute of Design Pune. She has 6 years of working experience, in Interior design and Design research, working in categories that include automotive, Healthcare, FMCG, Retail and Consumer electronics companies. Sneha was leading the Design Research division and assisting strategy division at Future Factory, Mumbai before joining MIT Institute of design as an Assistant Faculty. For the past years, she has been involved in various design research projects, using different research tools & methods like ethnographic research, observational study, contextual research and has been a vital part of the research
analysis for projects which varied from social innovation, branding and product design strategies.

The fact that she believes in the art and science of research analysis sets her different in persona and outward conduct. Through the past years, having been part of varied projects across the industry genres, allowed her to travel across the country, which enriched her knowledge about people, places and communities.

Those who know her love her food, while Sneha enjoys different cuisines.