MIT Institute of Design
The Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research (MAEER), was established as a society and trust with the sole aim of creating and developing professional.
Education at MIT Institute of Design has been thought in a very broad manner to belong to three domains.
In order to appreciate the inherent core concept of Design against its ever changing image, it is important to examine its progress in historical time and geographical space.
Internationally the 1980's and 90's saw design being perceived and accepted as a process that may be employed to resolve specific problems of not only production and marketing
MITID Administrative Team
Vinayak Kulkarni   Supriya Michael   Pradip Das
Vinayak Kulkarni
Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Administration
Office: 020-30693666
Mob: 09850994211
Supriya Michael
HR Manager
Office: 020-30693607

Dr. Pradip Das
Office: 020-30693604

Theresa Dsouza        
Theresa Dsouza
Incharge Exam Section
Office: 020-30693620



Training & Placement
Harshit Desai   Rahul Mishra   Naveen Das
Harshit Desai
Manager - Industry Relations,
Office: 020-30693640

Rahul Mishra
Training & Placement Coordinator
Office: 020-30693642

Naveen Das
Training & Placement Coordinator
Office: 020-30693643

Alisha Singh        
Alisha Singh
Training & Placement Coordinator



Admissions & Student Section
Vijay Jagtap   Gauri Gadgil   Yashasvini Pisolkar
Vijay Jagtap
Manager Admissions,
Office: 020-30693696
Mob: 09763715974
Gauri Gadgil
Incharge - Student Section
Office: 020-30693630

Yashasvini Pisolkar
Incharge Student Services
Office: 020-30693636

Harshad Bhalerao   Suhas Patki   Srikant Mungilwar
Harshad Bhalerao
Manager IT
Office: 020-30693693

Suhas Patki
System Administrator
Office: 020-30693692

Srikant Mungilwar
Web Developer
Office: 020-30693691

Ravindra Khisti   Umeshchandra Baviskar   Sainath Sonawane
Ravindra Khisti
Manager Accounts
Office: 020-30693609

Umeshchandra Baviskar
Accounts Asst.
Office: 020-30693631

Sainath Sonawane
Accounts Asst.

Subhash Shitole   Popat Nanaware   Nandkumar Salunkhe
Subhash Shitole
VMC Engineer

Popat Nanaware
Workshop Instructor

Nandkumar Salunkhe
Workshop Instructor

Kanifnath Takawane   Subhash Gunjal   Ikbal Tamboli
Kanifnath Takawane
Workshop Instructor

Subhash Gunjal
Workshop Instructor

Ikbal Tamboli
Workshop Instructor

Hostel Warden
Surekha Hajare   Sanjib Karmakar   Minal Trivedi
Surekha Hajare
Girls Hostel Warden
Office: 020-30693610
Sanjib Karmakar
Boys Hostel Warden
Office: 020-30693612
Minal Trivedi
Assistant Hostel Warden
Office: 020-30693611
Student Counselor
Vibha Deshpande        
Vibha Deshpande
Consulting Student Counselor