MIT Institute of Design

Game Design Courses

Games has evolved over the time, from creating fun to an immersive game. And today, it has evolved as a notable industry, providing many employment opportunities around the globe.

The Gaming Industry identified as booster for economy in many countries including India. With the technology advancement in VR and AR and the penetration of mobiles, tablets, consoles and PCs, it has further improved the experiences and provided success to industry as well established. The industry exploding continuously Games and Apps are becoming mobile now.

Games design course empower the learners from the concept of gaming and game to producing games. Learners will be trained in various facets like Game Art and Game Design with the understanding of Game designer as well as the player and the psychology of games. The course will provide essential skillsets and knowledge to design and develop the game. Along with inputs in Animation Fundamentals, Storytelling, Concept Art, Character Design and Visual Effects, the Game design course will be having multidisciplinary support and inputs right from Design foundation, Graphic, Interface Design & Interaction Design and all aspects of User Experience Design for an ensured qualifications to a learner in getting suitable entrance to this booming employment industry around the worldwide.

At MIT ID, Game Design course is offered as undergraduate programme and focussing on both Game Art, Design and Production, including programming. Each aspect of Game Design such as Concept Design, Environmental Design, 2D Art, 3D Art, Strategy, Game Phycology, Level Design and programming along with Industry professionals/ experts guidance and support. The program will be well blend of Science, Technology and Art and a learner have complete freedom to take up Interested Game from 2D or 3D. The programme is well designed to give Game enthusiast to produce games and promote to become Independent Designer who can be Game changer and leaders in the Industry.

With Design and Storytelling, a key source of this programme, leaner will be imparted with minimal theory inputs and more practical and hands on experiences, which will help learner to understand each small details of Game Design.

The entire curriculum of Games Design is well balanced right from foundation programme to the Industry Projects. The programme facilitates Industry Internship as well as Industry Project with chances of Student Exchange Programme with abroad University. The Alumni of Animation already worked with some of leading game Studios- UBISOFT, 99 Games, Dhruva Interactive, ZVKY, June Software as Designer and Game Art Artist with their skillset. With a dedicated course on game Design, MIT ID will definitely make solid foundation for them to make distinct entry to Game Industry.

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Film appreciation 35
2 Basics of video 70
3 Animation drawing 1 105
4 Visual development for animation (digital method 1) 105
5 Photoshop (digital method 2) 70
6 Acting workshop 35
7 Basic kinematics 210
8 IDS 35

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 After effects (digital methods 3) 35
2 Title design (motion graphics) 35
3 Animation drawing 2 70
4 Script writing\ storytelling 35
5 Storyboarding 70
6 Character design 70
7 Background \ Layout 70
8 Advanced Kinematics 140
9 Flash (digital method 4) 70
10 Advanced Photography 35
11 Types of animation 70

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Introduction to 3D 140
2 3D Character animation 175
3 Sound design 35
4 Editing 35
5 Compositing/ VFX 35
6 Final project 2D/ 3D 175
7 Design management 70
8 Pre graduation presentation 35

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Graduation project 560
2 Graduation presentation 35

There is huge prospects in Game Design career. Todays, game are not played or perceived for Entertainment purpose only, but it is also perceived in Education, Banking, Marketing, Improve Knowledge, etc. A learner can develop his career as Art Director, Concept Designer, Environment Designer, Level Designer, Gaming Artist, Game Developer, Game Tester, Game de-coder, porting, etc., based on their own strengths and interest areas.

Today, there are lot of gaming studios and companies in India. The demand is drastically increasing especially in Mobile and Social gaming sector, which also strongly increases the scope of Entrepreneurship in the Industry. This simultaneously increases the huge and significant requirement of jobs for Games Designer, Developers and Artist.

Currently, gaming is one of the largest and hottest profession across the world. With the advancement in technology, the demand in online and mobile gaming is also increasing. A career in gaming is definitely exciting, competitive, interesting and fun with many possibilities for the passionate about game. It is the right profession to change your own lives and others with improved and interesting games for entertainment, edutainment or betterment of society, which can lead by the youngsters.