MIT Institute of Design

M.Des in Design Academics and Research

The post graduate course is for aspiring design academician who aspire to explore the relationship between design learning, practice and mentoring to develop a mindset towards Design Educational Research and create future Design Education Leaders.

MITID Innovation Programme

MIT ID Innovation Program is a 1-year program for self-driven and passionate individuals who aspire to create innovative products, services and businesses for today’s and future world.

Product Design Courses

MIT ID has emerged to be one of the best Product Design institutes in India. Similar to other premier Product Design Institutes in India, the product Design program at MIT ID is part of the Industrial Design discipline. It has been the earliest programs since the inception of Institute in 2006.

Transportation Design Courses

The learners of Transportation Design experience that the courses of study exclusively explore an inborn human need of human mobility. Beginning with the concept of transporting people and commodities using a variety of means, its emphasis moves on creating sustainable systems for Transportation Design.

Interior Space and Furniture Design Courses

Interior Space and Furniture Design discipline focuses on designing and planning of interior spaces for all kinds of human needs. The learners concentrate on designing spaces – interior and exterior - according to their functional hierarchies and interrelationships.

Graphic Design Courses

Graphic Design Institutes in India have been training candidates for a long time but most of them are very narrowly focused on imparting software application skills. These Graphic Design Institutes in India are unable to impart the sound theoretical and conceptual understanding that's required to be a professional graphic designer.

Retail Design Courses

The learners of Retail and Exhibition Design find that the courses of study, besides concentrating on a rigorous learning of advanced graphic reproduction techniques, would also require them to gain an insight into creating images in the fourth dimension that is, moving images.

Animation Design Courses

The Animation Industry in India is now going globally to create its own identity. It increases the demand for thinking minds and trained professionals like ‘Animators’. Animation Design course at MIT ID has always nurtured and mentored these thinking minds to face the challenges of tomorrow both in the global and local context. The objective of this programme is to prepare students to create solutions to complex problems in the field of Communication Design using animation as a creative medium. Thus, in this spirit, it is heavily aligned with the philosophy and concepts of Design pedagogy of MIT ID.

Film and Video Design Courses

Courses in Film and Video Design put emphasis on a strong narrative content. To communicate using the Film and Video media, one needs to use equipment like film and video cameras and editing systems. Moreover, conceptual processes in addressing the communication needs of the social and commercial sectors should also be rigorously followed. Of the many Film and Video design courses, the one at MITID emphasizes on the holistic learning.

Fashion Design

Amidst the numerous fashion course that have mushroomed in all parts of the country. We offer the Indian students a rare opportunity to study on one of the University for the Creative Arts' (UCA) fashion courses in their native country. The BA (Hons) Fashion Design, degree will be awarded by University for the Creative Arts' (UCA), UK.

Fashion Communication

This unique and exciting course teaches the intellectual, practical and professional skills you need to succeed in a career in promotion and communication for the global fashion industry. You have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of research, experimentation and realization, as well as new practices and innovations within fashion promotion, communication and image generation.
Our ethos is based on the premise of promoting a creative and in-depth investigation of fashion in a social context. Irrespective of whether you engage in a practical exploration or a more theoretical, written exposition, you are encouraged to consider the critical and cultural context of your subject.

Fashion Management & Marketing

The M.Des Fashion Management & Marketing course prepares you for a fashion management career in the domestic or international fashion industry by delivering an innovative and relevant fashion business curriculum.
Working closely with fashion industry professionals, fashion organizations and industry role models and mentors, on the masters course you develop a diverse skill base that will enable you to have a wider, clearer and more relevant understanding of the business of management and marketing behind the fashion industry.
This course provides inside knowledge of industry strategies and cultures on a global basis combined with a strong grounding in key business skills including: finance; risk; leadership; organizational and change management; strategy; marketing and entrepreneurship.
In addition you also develop essential knowledge on industry management specific to fashion - strategic innovation and technology, product sourcing and supply chain management issues.
You benefit from being part of the multidisciplinary design environment at MITID, working alongside students on B.Des & M.Des. Fashion Design, along with Strategic Design Management.

User Experience Design

The aim of the Program is to study concepts, methods, and techniques of information architecture, usability engineering, information Design, interaction Design, Visual Design, ethnography and Prototype engineering with focus on artifacts' where user experience is essential. Historically, usability has covered aspects as efficiency, learnability, etc.
Design Management
M.Des in Design Management is a unique management program offered in a creative multi-disciplinary environment. Design is gaining importance as a fresh way of solving complex business problems and driving innovation. The program is built on strong foundation of design thinking and holistic business management. The program offers a mix of inputs on latest design methods and approaches and combines them with real life case studies and applications from the business world. The program builds the critical thinking and execution skills required in today’s worlds and prepare the learners to use design to solve real life problems faced by industry and society.
Game Design
Games has evolved over the time, from creating fun to an immersive game. And today, it has evolved as a notable industry, providing many employment opportunities around the globe.
The Gaming Industry identified as booster for economy in many countries including India. With the technology advancement in VR and AR and the penetration of mobiles, tablets, consoles and PCs, it has further improved the experiences and provided success to industry as well established. The industry exploding continuously Games and Apps are becoming mobile now.
Immersive Media Design
‘Design’ is evolving at a very fast rate in today’s world. With new technological interventions, one can notice its impact in day to day life. Such technological interventions deeply influence current design practices. Design thinking intervention in problem solving process also needs to be revisited.