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H K Vyas Design Chair

In honour of his Outstanding contribution in the field of Design
Prof H Kumar Vyas

India has a long history of scholarship in a variety of disciplines. The Universities provide the right platform for generation and dissemination of knowledge. The imperatives of skills and excellence to meet the challenges at national and global levels in a highly dynamic contemporary context require integration of social, cultural, and scientific dimensions into their teaching and research programmes. The university system should facilitate insightful thinking on all issues connected with focus on knowledge generation with an inter-disciplinary perspective. In order to enrich the academic resources of the university system for a deeper reflection on critical issues related to ‘Design’, MIT ADT University has decided to establish Chairs of Eminence in Art , Design & Technology domains for learners to get inspired, motivated in their chosen field. In this background, ADT U is proud to establish the Design Chair constituted in honour of Prof H Kumar Vyas for his contribution to the field of Design.

Prof H Kumar Vyas :

Prof H Kumar Vyas was a noted design educator and founder of NID’s faculty of Industrial. Born in 1929 in Uganda, Vyas had his early training as an industrial designer at the Central School of Art and Design, London and worked as a professional designer at Douglas Scott Associates, London.

Design Education:Having joined NID in 1962, Vyas established the Faculty of Industrial Design at NID with an aim to initiate training programmes for the first cadre of industrial designers in India. MIT ID is fortunate to be born under his leadership in 2006. His contribution to the design pedagogy at our institute is unparalleled. He was instrumental in creating five films for educational television on the field of design way back in 1980s.

Design Promotion : Prof Vyas was the founder member of Society of Industrial Designer of India in 1970. He was also the elected member of the Executive Board of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design ( ICSID ) in early 1970’s. He was instrumental in being part of the India Design Council’s constitution.

Design Profession :Prof Vyas has a rich body of work in multiple fields of design. His notable contribution for the design profession include System design for Calcutta Metro Railway in 1983, Design of intercom telephone system for Indian Telephone Industries in 1986, various exhibitions designed for Government of India, Design of radios and electronic equipment for NELCO Radio and Murphy radio, Trophy designs and many more

A true multi- faceted individual who enjoyed being a historian, practising industrial designer, graphic designer, writer, author, exhibition designer, social commentator, faculty and mentor.He was someone who loved being with young students. He was a passionate teacher, guide and mentor. He held several important positions while at NID, ICSID, CEPT etc.

His passion and belief in Indian Design sensibilities was deeply rooted. He was truly an international designer (having graduated from Central School of Art & Design followed by working with Douglas Scott Associates, England) with a heart that believed in Indian context of design. He presented several papers/ audio-video presentations at International Forums such as ICSID – International Council Society of Industrial Designers, UNESCO etc.

We at MIT Institute of Design and MIT ADT University feel indebted to the genius of Prof H Kumar Vyas in the field of Design. We take up the responsibility of instituting a Design Chair in his honour. It will be called ‘Prof H Kumar Vyas Design Chair’to be established on 30th March 2021 – to commemorate his 4th Anniversary

Contribution to MIT Institute of Design

Under the leadership of Prof H Kumar Vyas and his team – Prof V M Parmar and prof Dhimant Panchal were invited by MAEER’s MIT to help setup a Design School as part of the MIT Group of Institutions in the year 2005. The team under Prof Vyas guidance worked to articulate the overall learning culture,curriculum, infrastructure, recruitment of faculty and the academic director. This new team of young faculty members were taken though series of induction programs at Ahmedabad and Pune. Prof Vyas continued to take regular sessions with newly inducted faculty till 2010. He was appointed as the first Chairperson of the Academic Council and helped in identifying top design academician and industry professional stalwarts to be part of the Academic council, including Prof Ashok Chatterjee who is a former director of NID. Prof Vyas took several sessions on courses related to design history and design in Indian context with initial academic batches of students

It was due to is consistent efforts and ideological direction that MIT ID has carved out a leadership position amongst the Design Learning institutions in India. The strong foundation which was laid down by him is helping MIT ID to grow further as part of the MIT Art Design and Technology University.

Aims and Objective of the ‘Prof H Kumar Vyas Design Chair’
  • To engage in research and, in turn, contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the area of Design
  • To initiate research in Design Education to evolve new pedagogy for learning
  • To strengthen the role of Design at the university across different units
  • To design and execute capacity-building programmes for teachers in Design education
  • To provide a forum for inter-university/inter-collegiate Post Graduate and Research level dialogues, discussion meetings, seminars/summer & winter schools.
  • To publish articles/research papers/reports/books/ monograms.
  • To participate in teaching and research programme of the Institute.
  • To create and support Design professional practice to inculcate the values of the Industry within the design students and faculty

First Chair Professor
Prof Dhimant Panchal