MIT Institute of Design

M.Des Fashion Management & Marketing (Fulltime 2 years Duration)

The M.Des Fashion Management & Marketing course prepares you for a fashion management career in the domestic or international fashion industry by delivering an innovative and relevant fashion business curriculum.
Working closely with fashion industry professionals, fashion organizations and industry role models and mentors, on the masters course you develop a diverse skill base that will enable you to have a wider, clearer and more relevant understanding of the business of management and marketing behind the fashion industry.
This course provides inside knowledge of industry strategies and cultures on a global basis combined with a strong grounding in key business skills including: finance; risk; leadership; organizational and change management; strategy; marketing and entrepreneurship.
In addition you also develop essential knowledge on industry management specific to fashion - strategic innovation and technology, product sourcing and supply chain management issues.
You benefit from being part of the multidisciplinary design environment at MITID, working alongside students on B.Des & M.Des. Fashion Design, along with Strategic Design Management.

Key study topics include :
  • Examination of the main areas related to issues within fashion, creative management and marketing.
  • Study of customer communication and promotion
  • Development of a personal project
  • Study of project management, planning and innovating fashion strategy
  • Planning to succeed and innovating fashion strategy
Specialist postgraduate facilities include :
  • Professional practice and a work placement opportunity
  • Self-directed final major project that builds on the interests developed throughout the course.
  • Dedicated baseroom
  • IT facilities loaded with latest business and image design software
  • Media store with cameras, camcorders, lighting equipment, slide and data projectors, light boxes and recording equipment.
  • Institute Library with varied titles of a specialist nature
  • Lecture programme with guest speakers.

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Arshiya Kapoor   Devan Das   Gauri Shankar
Asst. Prof. Arshiya
Incharge H.O.D. Fashion Design

Asst. Prof. Devan Das
Fashion Design

Asst. Prof. Gauri Shankar
Fashion Design

Joanna Dcunha   Jyoti Pal   Tarun Grover
Asst. Prof. Joanna Dcunha
Fashion Design

Asst. Prof. Jyoti Pal
Fashion Design

Asst. Prof. Tarun Grover
Fashion Design

Vandana Nautiyal        
Asst. Prof. Vandana
Fashion Management & Marketing



Course Structure
Fashion Management & Marketing
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4

Semester 1 (MIT ADTU)

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Fashion Orientation   
2  Fashion Studies  
3 Merchandising - Introduction to Product and Retail Merchandising   
4 Fashion Forecasting   
5 Digital Marketing and Prototyping : Web Application   
6 Report Submission   
7 Business Fundamentals  
8 Research Methodology - Market Research and Marketing Research   
9 Economics and Financial Accounting   
10 Orgnanisational Behaviour and Human Resources  
11 Fashion Marketing and Promotion   
12 Report Submission and Written Assignment  
13 Supply Chain Management  
14 Fashion Supply Chain Management   
15 Report Submission and Written Assignment  

Semester 2 (MIT ADTU)

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Retail Management   
2 Introduction to Retail   
3 Fashion Buying and Merchandising  
4 Visual Merchandising   
5 Introduction to E- Commerce and M-Commerce business  
6 Mall Management   
7 Customer Relationship Management  
8 Data Analytics  
9 Data synthesis and intepretation for Fashion busineses   
10 Practical assignment   
11 Business Models   
12 Market Study  
13 Business Model Canvas  
14 Developing Market and consumer  
15 Project Submission   

Semester 3 (MIT ADTU)

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Entreprenuership   
2 Financial Management   
3 Legal management in business operations  
4 Preparing for Leadership   
5 Project Management   

Semester 4 (MIT ADTU)

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Final Major Project (Industry Expereince)