MIT Institute of Design
The Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research (MAEER), was established as a society and trust with the sole aim of creating and developing professional.
Education at MIT Institute of Design has been thought in a very broad manner to belong to three domains.
In order to appreciate the inherent core concept of Design against its ever changing image, it is important to examine its progress in historical time and geographical space.
Internationally the 1980's and 90's saw design being perceived and accepted as a process that may be employed to resolve specific problems of not only production and marketing
Dr. Sunil Karad
Dr. Sunil Karad
Executive Director, Treasurer & Trustee
MIT Group of Institutions | Pune | India

Executive Director Foreword:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Education holds the key to a progressive world, along with being a crucial tool for solving some of the most complex issues. It hones the developmental potential of our youth, and eventually shapes the future of humanity. Being associated with a variety of knowledge streams across Technology, Science, Social Science, Humanities, Health Science, Design and School Education verticals, I firmly believe that learning is far beyond facts and figures. Ideally, education should foster curiosity and analysis. It should be beyond ensuring literacy and inculcate realization of own’s potential.
With a liberal approach, we can imbibe a sense of social responsibility, and instill intellectual and practical dexterity in the citizens of tomorrow. It is upon us to guide these young minds to succeed in the realm full of opportunities.

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