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The Animation Industry in India is now going globally to create its own identity. It increases the demand for thinking minds and trained professionals like ‘Animators’. Animation Design course at MIT ID has always nurtured and mentored these thinking minds to face the challenges of tomorrow both in the global and local context. The objective of this programme is to prepare students to create solutions to complex problems in the field of Communication Design using animation as a creative medium. Thus, in this spirit, it is heavily aligned with the philosophy and concepts of Design pedagogy of MIT ID.

The utilitarian aspect of the animation films made in the department gets factored in through a conscious effort by the film designers to educate and enlighten the end user, irrespective of the medium the animation is getting created for.

For the learners of Animation Design, the courses of study exclusively deal with Animation, Games & on a large the entertainment industry. The learners of Animation Design will be well-equipped with special skills and techniques of animation such as a Visual Development for Animation and Games, Personality and Caricature, Fundamentals of Animation, Character Design & Story Boarding, Stopmotion, VFX for Film & Games and CGI skill-set along with training of Industry standard Software's. The learners go through the entire production pipeline and process right from ideation to screen for an Animation film making. The essential grasp over the narrative content combined with proficiency with animation design techniques goes toward creating an effective piece of communication. Of the many Animation design courses in India, the one at MIT ID emphasizes on the holistic learning.

Binoj John   Chandan Bhattacharya   Aroop Dwivedi
Associate. Prof. Binoj John
H.O.D. Animation Design

Prof. Chandan
Animation Design
Asst. Prof. Aroop Dwivedi
Animation Design

Sandesh Pawar        
Asst. Prof. Sandesh Pawar
Animation Design


Course Structure
B.Des Programme
Semester 1 Semester 5
Semester 2 Semester 6
Semester 3 Semester 7
Semester 4 Semester 8

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD101 Design Overview  0
GFNFD102 Design Drawing 1  4
GFNFD103 Fundamentals of Design 1 (Colour) 3
GFNFD104 Fundamentals of Design 2 (Geometry) 1
GFNFD105 Fundamentals of Design 3 (Materials) 4
GFNDS106 Fundamentals of Design 4 (Form Space and Structure) 4
GFNDG107 Digital Methods 1 2
GFNDC108 Inter Design Studies 1 (Environ Exposure) 1

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD201 Design Drawing 2 : Freehand , Analytical & Perspective 3
GFNFD202 Fundamentals of Design 5 : Colour II 2
GFNFD203 Fundamentals of Design 6 : Solid Geometry 2
GFNFD204 Fundamentals of Design 7 : Three Dimensionalaties of Form , Space & Structure 3
GFNFD205 Fundamentals of Design 8 : Materials 3
GFNDS206 Digital Methods 2 : Advanced Image Processing and Vector Graphics Applications 1
GFNPR207 Design Process : Problem Solving 5
GFNDC208 Interdesign Studies 2 : Urban Environment Exposure  1

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
GADC301 Art ,Culture & Design 2
GADC302 Cinema and Animation Studies 3
GAFD303 Drawing for Animation 4
GAFD304 Basics  Kinematics 6
GAPR305 Digital Film Making 3
GADC306 Inter Design Studies 2

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credits
GADC401 Performing Arts for Animation 2
GADC402 Drawing for Animation- Advanced 4
GADG403 Computer Animation-3D  4
GAPR404 Advance Kinematics ( 2D/3D) 5
GADC405 Contemporary Animation Studies-1 2
GAPR406 Digital Film Making -Advanced 3

Semester 5

Course Code Course Name Credits
GAPR501 Animation Pre-Production 5
GADC502 Contemporary Animation Studies-2 2
GADC503 Sound Design 3
GAPR504 Stopmotion Animation 5
GADC505 Motion Graphics Design 3
GADC506 User-Centric Animation 2

Semester 6

Course Code Course Name Credits
GADC601 Colloquium Paper 2
GADC602 Open Elective 2
GAPR603 Visual Effects for Film 4
GAPR604 Animation Final Project- stage-1 12

Semester 7

Course Code Course Name Credits
GAPR701 Animation Final Project- Stage-2 18
GADC702 Design Management 2

Semester 8

Course Code Course Name Credits
GAPR801 Industrial Internship 4
GAPR802 Graduation Project 16
M.Des Programme
Semester 1  
Semester 2  
Semester 3  
Semester 4  

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
PADC101 Design Overview 0
PADC102 Art ,Culture & Design 2
PADC103 Cinema and Animation Studies 3
PAFD104 Drawing for Animation  4
PAFD105 Basic Kinematics ( 2D) 6
PADG106 Computer Animation-3D Basics 4

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
PADC201 Performing Arts for Animation 2
PAPR202 Advanced Kinematics( 2D/3D) 5
PADC203 Contemporary literature study 2
PAPR204  Animation Pre-Production  5
PAPR205 Digital Film Making-Advanced 3
PAPR206 Animation Final Project- Stage 1 5
PADC207 Colloquium Paper 2

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
PADC301 Design Research -Animation & Society 4
PAPR302 Animation final Project - Stage -2        8
PADC303 Design Management  2
PADC304 User-Centric Animation 2

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credits
GAPR401 Industrial Internship 4
PAPR402 Graduation Project 16

The Animation department on MIT strikes prefect balance between technology and art, the ever evolving trends and changing technology are integrated seamlessly in the design process; the decade old department has been churning out talent every year.
The silent philosophy, that is followed in MIT, treats animation as an extension of life and communication and thus extension of us being, the things we cannot express in words can /are expressed through moving images.
Transcendence of information through magical and transformational properties of animation and a vivid and kaleidoscopic display of the same is what is more significant to us vis a vis imitating life in general . Stories , poetry , mood, dreams, proses and verses everything has a potential to take on a physical form , either of a single image or that of several images depending on the complexity.
The department takes on a broader perspective as it is a communication design course, the responsibility here is multi layered where we use design to solve social problems and try to make this world a better place. The student are sensitized to their environment, are allowed to observe life and find ways to take cognizance of problems which are often overlooked and at times not even identified, because they are so closely integrated into everyday life.
The same problems are then addressed through design solutions –comics or films.
The creative prowesses are supported by state of art lab which amalgamates both creative and technical facets of the program.
The Faculties in the Department of animation are driving the course and contributing to the ever evolving curriculum, the staff room is a melting pot of academic and industry experience thus brings along a lot of credibility and gravitas.
MIT ID dept of Animation has tied up with the George Brown college of Canada for a game development course (4 years, UG).