MIT Institute of Design
In pursuance of one of our future aspirations, we at the MIT Institute of Design are now planning to add a further dimension to the programmes of design learning at our campus.

In order to appreciate the inherent core concept of Design against its ever changing image, it is important to examine its progress in historical time and geographical space.


Pune city, also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, has now established its name as the Oxford of the east.

About the LIBRARY

MIT Institute of Design Library is one of the premier design libraries in India.
Library has a corporate membership with the British Library - Pune, MCCIA - Pune and online membership with Design Management Institute -DMI (USA), CarDesign News -UK.
The Collections :
The Design Library supports the research and teaching of MIT Institute of Design. The Library's collection includes more than 4200 books, 1000 DVD's/CDs/VCD's, 165 Bound Volumes, 353 Graduation Project Reports and subscriptions to more than 80 periodicals and magazines from all over the world. Students, faculty and staff also have direct access to our collections in the campus. Our collection strengths include interior design, communication design, transportation design, graphic design, exhibition design, architecture, art, humanities, geography and travel.
Information Services :
Borrowing facilities
Students and staff can lend the printed materials for home reading. Rare and Reference books are not for issue out of the library. The title with reference tag is meant for reference only. How ever the book can only be issued on overnight basis at exceptional cases. At the same time, the exceptional cases will also not be entertained at the exam time.
Bibliographic services
This facility is available on demand. List of books and list of articles of design related articles can be to the students and staff. Even outsiders can use this facility paying by nominal fees.
Reprographic services
The library has got a separate photocopier including one printer. Students can use this facility by paying a nominal amount.
Reference Services Information relating to access and use of the library's collections may be obtained at the Reference Desk. Library will conduct searches for books and periodicals that you are unable to locate on the shelves. This service is open to students and staff.
Current Awareness Service
Whenever the new information sources added to the library collection, the list will be informed to students and staff regularly. And also Library conducts a library orientation program for new members/students in the beginning of academic year.
Our institute students and staff are allowed to take a membership from the library. Members of the library can utilize the aforesaid services.

Information Sources:
The design library deals with the following sources to meet the users need.
Books (design and related areas)
Movie DVD's
General CDs
Cultural Maps
News papers
Library Rules
A. All persons may be allowed admission to the library provided that the librarian may at his discretion refuse admission if he considers a person either of unsound minds or intoxicated. The decision of the librarian or the next senior officer of the library in the absence of the librarian shall be final in this matter.
B. Students, who enter in to the library shall sign the gate register in the token of his acceptance to stick on the rules of the library.
C. Personal belongings except purses and note-books shall be not allowed to be carried along with the readers beyond the issue counter; these shall be deposited at baggage counter.
D. Pets such as dogs, cats etc, shall not be admitted to the library.
E. The Students shall keep silence within the library premises.
F. Smoking and Spitting are prohibited and no students is allowed to sleep in the Library.
G. The students shall behave in a civilized manner. The students are liable for Punishment and fine, if they either misbehave or damage the books or any other property of the library.
Borrowers and their privileges and obligations: Teachers and students can become members of our library. Each student shall fill up a membership form. Then, they will be given a membership card.
A. In case of loss of a borrower's card , the borrower must report immediately to this effect t the Librarian, who will issue him a fresh borrower's card provided he is satisfied with the explanation of the borrower. The Librarian may suspend his / her membership for a time not exceeding two months. The Student must deposit a sum equivalent to Rs. 50 /- for each duplicate borrower's Card.
B. The books shall be issued to students for a 7 days and sub-lent is not allowed among the students.
C. If the books are not returned on the due dates, an overdue charge Rs.1 per day will be charged for the period the books are kept beyond the due date.
D. Incase any book is lost or damaged by the student, shall replace the book or Shall replace the book or shall pay the cost of replacement. If a book is one of The volumes of a set, the student may be asked to replace the whole set.
E. Reference Books, Rare Books, Unbound periodicals and books of fine arts may not be issued for home reading at any reason.
F. The books may be renewed if the same are not in demand or are not reserved by other students. Renewal will be done compulsorily on the physical presentation of the books.
G. If a student does not pay off the library dues, the privilege of borrowing books may be suspended till he deposits the due amount.
H. Incase of emergency, the librarian shall have authority to recall any book without assigning any reason therefore.

Working Hours
Monday to Friday: 9.30 am To 8.00 pm
Saturday: 9.30 am To 3.30 pm
Library will be remain closed on all Sundays and Selected Govt. Holidays
Contact Information
Pradip Das

Tel. No. : 020-30693604
E-mail: pradipdas[at]

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