MIT Institute of Design

Immersive Media Design Courses

‘Design’ is evolving at a very fast rate in today’s world. With new technological interventions, one can notice its impact in day to day life. Such technological interventions deeply influence current design practices. Design thinking intervention in problem solving process also needs to be revisited.

Keeping this requirement in mind, MIT ID is offering a trans-disciplinary unique master programme in Immersive Media Design. This programme deals with the core technologies across merging disciplines of all creative expressions, which will form future means of interacting. Creating dialogues between natural environment and new digital frontiers. It is the convergence of technology with the new emerging media.

The aim of the programme is to provide advanced research and knowledge in futuristic technological interactions, and establish strong academic and industry-academic collaborative projects. It transforms data into meaningful social and emotional communication. It will explore the human side of futuristic immersive design with related technologies and interactions with emerging medias in focus to understand the compelling user engagement in fields ranging from education, health, social communication, art, entertainment, branding, spatial installations and business.

It will strive to create student with expertise who will eventually emerge as leaders to influence the future of Design. It’s about creating a systems, a tangible or intangible or space that interact with the body or the mind through innovative technology for enriched experiences, the transformation of design visions into market opportunities.

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Film appreciation 35
2 Basics of video 70
3 Animation drawing 1 105
4 Visual development for animation (digital method 1) 105
5 Photoshop (digital method 2) 70
6 Acting workshop 35
7 Basic kinematics 210
8 IDS 35

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 After effects (digital methods 3) 35
2 Title design (motion graphics) 35
3 Animation drawing 2 70
4 Script writing\ storytelling 35
5 Storyboarding 70
6 Character design 70
7 Background \ Layout 70
8 Advanced Kinematics 140
9 Flash (digital method 4) 70
10 Advanced Photography 35
11 Types of animation 70

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Introduction to 3D 140
2 3D Character animation 175
3 Sound design 35
4 Editing 35
5 Compositing/ VFX 35
6 Final project 2D/ 3D 175
7 Design management 70
8 Pre graduation presentation 35

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Graduation project 560
2 Graduation presentation 35

The post graduates from this programme can look forward to a career opportunities with various industry verticals such as IT services, futuristic research labs and can work in specialist areas in healthcare and education/ training sectors; museum or exhibition domain, events or entertainment domain, branding campaign and also in trend-business sectors.

This programme has an immense opportunity to contribute future design concept for rapidly changing world.