MIT Institute of Design
Prof.Gaurang Shah
Prof. Gaurang Shah
H.O.D. Transportation
Prof Gaurang Shah heads the Transportation Design Discipline at MIT Institute of Design.
He will be responsible for developing innovative academic structure for the young learners who will be engaged in addressing local and global transportation issues through design and development of products and systems.
He did his basic design course at NID in Product Design and graduated from the institute in 1983. He did an 18 month long advanced level course in Product Planning and Design offered by the Carl Duisberg Gessellschaft e.V, in Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne, Germany.
Has attended a short term course Strategic Planning of Intellectual Property Rights, conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad.

After graduation from NID, he worked in the R & D Department of Bajaj Tempo Ltd., Pune. Being the first industrial designer in the organization he played a key role in the first development of its vehicle the' Tempo Trax". During his tenure at Bajaj Tempo he also designed Matador and Tempo Traveler for the ambulance, cash van and luxury variants. He has had over ten years of work experience working with Industry in the area of R & D and in a consultancy firm Proform Design, Winnenden , Germany.

In his previous assignment at NID he has been the Coordinator of the Product Design and later the Transportation and Automobile Design discipline since the last three years. He has developed and conducted various courses such as Elements of Form, Simple Product Design, Basic Design, Design Drawing, Display and Control, Packaging Design, Systems Design etc., in Product design and other design disciplines such as Furniture design, Ceramics design, Graphics design, and Lifestyle Products design at NID. He has developed and evolved a course in "Green Design". Over the years Gaurang Shah has worked on diverse design projects such as auto rickshaw design, seating systems for long distance passenger buses, design of digital cameras, lighting systems, lighting fixtures design, electrical appliances for homes, insecticide sprayers, several defense related projects.